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Opticron Hand Lens Field Test
26th June 2008

Opticron Hand Lens Field Test 

It’s been a week now since I was teaching Piper some simple Wild Food ID tips, and since then I have held several more courses.

Sometimes the identification of certain plants and trees needs a very keen eye, for example when looking at a small plant such as Chickweed Stellaria media. Through my experiences when teaching those who are new to Wild Food it helps greatly to use magnifying glasses as an aid, so this week I have been field testing these small, but powerful lenses from Opticron.

Opticron Hand Lens Field Test

They offer several different magnifications from 6x to 20x, and construction wise they are build solid with a nice amount of glass providing a sharp and clear image, all contained within a compact body (about an inch or so in size).

If you happen to be like me and have a fascination with insects then these lenses are also great for getting up close and personal. It’s amazing to see how different an insect looks this way, you can even see how they eat and how some clean their antennae with a small notch on their legs.

So, if you are planning on a walk in the countryside or a simple forage in the garden I would recommend one of these little lenses!

I have a group im teaching at the weekend so I will update the blog should anything exciting happen. I will also be starting on the Wild Food section of the site shortly.

Thanks for reading.


Opticron Hand Lens Field Test

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