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Second Hand Nikon AF-S 600mm f/4G ED VR Lens For Sale
7th May 2017

Completely unrelated to my usual content, but I'm adding this to the BLOG in case any of readers are interested.

With regret, I've decided to sell my lovely and barely used Nikon AF-S 600mm f/4G ED VR Lens with original case, Wimberly head and mounting bracket along with GITZO G1548 tripod and LowPro Rucksack (holds the 600mm with body and room for other lenses). Brand new these lenses sell for up to £8000. The current lowest UK price I can find is just under £7000.  I'm selling mine for £6500. It's original UK stock (not a grey import) and was purchased from a very well known photographic retailer.

The Tripod was around £1000
The Wimberly Head £600
Bracket £100
Bag £550

Total: £9250.

I'm asking for £7,370 the lot. 

The lens has been used twice for very short periods - it's pretty much brand-new and easily comands the price of £6500 alone. The rest of the equipment is just as new and has very light use.

I'm not desprate to sell, so please, no silly offers, but if anyone is interested then feel free to email me (please email rather than comment here as I don't check comments very often). I'm based approx 40 miles from London.

Thanks for reading.



Dave V. on 28/09/17


Is your Nikon 600mm f4 still available?


Kris on 26/01/17

Yes, it is all still available as I've been too busy to advertise it :)

dave on 24/12/16


have you still got your 600mm Nikon lens for sale

many thanks

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