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As a child I always wanted to take up wildlife photography, but for whatever reason it never seemed to happen, until I was 18 that is. This is when I bought my first camera and from there on I have been a keen wildlife photographer taking many images. I have been lucky to enough to have my work published in many places, including the BBC, various magazines, and conservation organisation literature, websites, and even calendars. Although this site is not aimed at my photography, I will be including lots of images throughout the site, and in this section you will find some shots that don't really have a purpose, other than me wanting to share some of the natural world with you. Please feel free to leave your comments about my work below, thank you.

For those who care, I use mainly Nikon equipment, see what by CLICKING HERE

Also, if anyone has any questions, or would like help with their images I am always more than willing to help out. I don't claim to be a fantastic photographer, but what I have learned is all self taught, and I remember how hard it can be trying to take in all the complications you will encounter along the way, including Adobe Photoshop!

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