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Please click on any image to view it large. If you would like to use any of my images please ask first, as some are used in publication and must not be copied. Feedback most welcome!

Blue Mist
Summer's Blue
The Wise one
Natures Wrath
I stand alone
Erithacus rubecula
Bird on a Wire
Wood pigion
Long Tongued Star
Gold Dragon
Away from the sun
Common spotted Orchid
Pallet of colour
Palomena prasina
Grass of Parnassus
Lysters Keep
Fly agaric
Angel of Death
Ancient Blue
Autumn light
Belfours pair
Blue eyes
Spring snow
Tyria jacobaeae
Wasp bettle
Gold Mist
Morning Flight
Blue Tit
Blue tit
Painted Lady


Weenie on 09/08/09

Why did you have to put the Arachnid on there, you know not everyone likes the little buggers lol. As always i love the pictures. I must admit tho you dont show my favourite picture no more. x

Gary West on 02/03/09

Some fantastic pictures and something to work towards with my own photography and website

Amanda Jones on 02/03/09

absolutly brilliant! please can we have more?

Jackie on 02/03/09

Absolutley breathtaking! I've thoroughly enjoyed browsing round your site & have bookmarked it for further comtemplation!

Fred on 02/03/09

Beautiful photographs and they reflect the photographers skill and the high quality equipment used. I will watch out for new ones coming on. Nice site that is easy to get around as well. Fred

kellii on 01/03/09


Saw your link from Nikon Cafe and I wanted to say your site is a real treat! I love your birding shots and you have spectacular composition.

Your wildflowers are so vibrant and make me wish for spring.

I have bookmarked your site and will be back soon!


Patrick on 18/02/09

Great DOF on those macros -- much better than I seem to achieve. I must challenge myself to really concentrate on this because your images show the difference of "done right". Thanks for the lesson!

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